No Resource's Packag

8.33 GBP

 Core Perks of supporter: 

  • Green name in-game.
  • Supporter rank in Discord.
  • Access to the Supporter Discord channel.
  • SkinBox /skins or /skinbox
  • VIP NoDecay
  • Spawn Mini
  • Repair Your Base with /br
  • Automatically Sort all of your items into chests.
  • No fuel requirements on the minicopter.
  • Extended backpack with the command /backpack.
  • Up to 20 home TP's instead of 2.
  • Cooldown on home teleports is reduced to 15 seconds instead of 2 minutes.
  • Spawn with 5000 hunger and 5000 dehydration, meaning you should never starve, or die from thirst.
  • Your armour and tools will not degrade with use (weapons will continue to degrade at normal rate).
  • Allows you to use auto-turrets and SAM turrets without electricity
  • You can craft your own recycler (for a small cost) and place it in your base.
  • Access to the Subscription ONLY giveaways channel!

This is a SUBSCRIPTION, please be aware that you will pay a recurring payment each month to help support the running costs of Merric Gaming Community. The community is 100% community driven and all Subscriptions are used to improve the servers / community for you. We are 100% non profit and noone makes any money from it.